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What's New?

Friday, 14 January 2011

~ Caving @ Gunung Senyum ^__^ ~

really tired.. huhu...
finally we completed our mission to track most popular cave here.. at
Gunung Senyum, located at Temerloh, Pahang

Not all of them can be visited. Maybe because some of them are dangerous and they close it to public.
I went there once for last three years. with some friends and this time with PELOPOR Adventure Team.
1) Gua Piala
- in this cave, there is a big stalagmite shaped like a thropy which is amount to 4-5 converts.
2) Gua Kelawar
-there are too many bats in this cave. located next to the Gua Piala. It means, we have to go through the Gua Piala to go to the Gua Kelawar. The guide told us not to switch the lamp on to the cave roof or else, the bats will fly. But some of us unproposely show up the lamp and all the bats fly. Fortunately i wore a buff just like a 'ninja' huhuuhu....

3) Gua Hidang
- this cave located outside the cave. it is actually the space under the big rock of Gunung Senyum.According to the myth there, long ago, the Elves and village people always have a festivals and they will make it there. the area can accomodate 120 meals a time where one meal will be eaten for 4 person. Means 480 people in one time.
4) Gua Mata Air
-there a plaques of water flowing from the cave to kinds of streams. it is very unique. the people used to wash their hand after eat the meal at Gua Hidang.

5) Gua Kolam Tujuh
- have 7 pools here. if you are lucky, you can see when there are (7 pools) with full of water. but when i was there, just 5 of them has water in it. but we're still lucky because before we came, all the pool are dry.

6) Gua Angin
- it is called as Gua Angin because of the windy and very comfortable. kinds of someone put an air conditioner in there
7) Gua Terang Bulan
- this cave located inside Gua Angin. they named it as Gua Terang Bulan because of the bright of the moon or sun will make it look like there a light in the cave. actually the sun or the moon light will go direct into the hole at the top of the cave roof. but it will happened for certain time only, not all the time.

8)Gua Taman i
- it named because of the clean, tidy and beautiful place. Even though there are many plants there, but it seems like someone has clean and sweep it all the time. They believe this is the cemetery of the Elves.
9) Gua Taman ii
- in this cave, there is a stone in a form of a fallen tree trunk. it is a tree of ancient times did not destroyed and then become a fossil. and there are many of the rock there shaped just like coral.

10) Gua Makam Tok Long
- This is the location of the grave marker as the tomb of the late Tok Long. Tok Long was a great malay man, he was a good guy and he married an Elves princess.

11) Gua Silat
- This is the most pristine cave. there is no leaf in this cave. you have to go down to get into the cave. this is the cave where people practice silat.

12) Gua Danau Impian
- very beautiful cave. it is in the middle of the big rock. the only way to get in is using the string and doing abseiling down there.

that all is some of the cave we visited but i want to go again... :)

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