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What's New?

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Endau - Rompin - Selai

Endau ~ Rompin ~ Selai is one of the place in Taman Negara which located in a middle of Pahang and Johor forest.

It was a very interesting journey... All of us are about 23 person. We used Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) from KL Sentral heading to KTM Bekok, Johor. We all excited and some of us slept in our ride. It was 6 hours journey - we arrived at Bekok KTM station as early as 3 'o' clock in a morning. It not end there, we had to walk about 30 minutes far to the travel agency office. They are the one who brought us to the jungle. It is not a modern village since most of the shop is still using a wood to close their shopdoor but not a grill.

Since we arrived very early, we slept in front of the travel agency office and the next morning, they are ready with their 4WD to bring us into the jungle. After 2 hours riding with the jeep, we finally arrived to our campsite. It was a very beautiful place with the river and suroundings.

We started our day by followed 'Orang Asli' walked into the jungle and they teached us how to live in the jungle. how to make fire, how to make a roof and many things they teached us. At night, they brought us to see the glow in the dark mushroom. :)

The next day, we went for trekking and we played water rafting. It was interesting. At night, we didn't go anywhere. Just having a barbeque for the whole night. We went back to KL for the next day. I wish i could go back to Taman Negara Endau - Rompin - Selai.

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